Product Review: Spirulina Gomasio

Who is cheffing today? Is it Frank? I hope it’s Frank!” Enthusiastic inquiries such as this one were commonplace among the community members of the holistic retreat center where I met Frank Giglio years ago. The kitchen, which produced 3 meals per day that were not only elaborate but also had to convince dozens of participants to love eating healthfully, required many talented chefs, but Frank was favored.

Why? His original ideas for making healthy stuff taste awesome, and his ability to successfully deliver a delicious meal, dressing, or dessert – all perfectly spiced. In fact, spices and superfoods were Frank’s secret for transforming boring to incredible.

Case in point – Spirulina Gomasio. Spirulina Gomasio, new from Frank’s Finest, is an amazing “condiment” made with some of the best-tasting spirulina, hemp seeds, onion, and high quality salt. Now, clearly this label is made for those-who-haven’t-discovered-their-junkie-side yet, as for me “one week’s serving” would be a more accurate classification than “condiment”, but regardless of the size of the spoon you use to scoop out this heavenly mix, an explosion of flavor and boost of energy awaits you.

I did two things with my Spirulina Gomasio. First, I made a variation on my Spirulina Salad with Gomasio, a cashew-based homemade dressing and seaweed. The boost of onion powder and hemp seeds – in perfect ratios – really gave the salad a full and deep flavor.

Second, I made kale chips with the Spirulina Gomasio. If you’re not already familiar with the genius, kick-your-chip-habit alternative, kale chips are made by creating a sauce/dressing, massaging it thickly on fresh kale, and then dehydrating it at low temperatures to make it a cruncy, flavorful, healthy snack. The kale chips also turned out absolutely amazing; here is the recipe for those.

Raw Spirulina-Garlic Kale Chips (Serves 1-3, can be easily doubled)


Raw kale

2 TBS Spirulina Gomasio

1/3 cup cashews

1/4 cup Lemon juice

1 Tbs Miso

1 tsp Vitamineral green

1/8 cup water


Vitamix all ingredients except the kale. Coat the kale evenly, using your fingers to get into all the little leaf grooves and so the kale is well-covered in topping. Dehydrate for 4-6 hours. Enjoy.

Making a good spirulina product is tough. Spirulina flavors vary, the spectrum being between gag-worthy and divine, and Frank has sourced an amazing-tasting spirulina and combined it with flavors that really support its splendor. Spirulina Gomasio is hereby deemed junkie-worthy by The Spirulina Junkie! Go and get your jar!

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One Response to Product Review: Spirulina Gomasio

  1. “one week’s serving” would be a more accurate classification than “condiment” – LOL

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