Product Review: Spirulina Gomasio

Who is cheffing today? Is it Frank? I hope it’s Frank!” Enthusiastic inquiries such as this one were commonplace among the community members of the holistic retreat center where I met Frank Giglio years ago. The kitchen, which produced 3 meals per day that were not only elaborate but also had to convince dozens of participants to love eating healthfully, required many talented chefs, but Frank was favored.

Why? His original ideas for making healthy stuff taste awesome, and his ability to successfully deliver a delicious meal, dressing, or dessert – all perfectly spiced. In fact, spices and superfoods were Frank’s secret for transforming boring to incredible.

Case in point – Spirulina Gomasio. Spirulina Gomasio, new from Frank’s Finest, is an amazing “condiment” made with some of the best-tasting spirulina, hemp seeds, onion, and high quality salt. Now, clearly this label is made for those-who-haven’t-discovered-their-junkie-side yet, as for me “one week’s serving” would be a more accurate classification than “condiment”, but regardless of the size of the spoon you use to scoop out this heavenly mix, an explosion of flavor and boost of energy awaits you.

I did two things with my Spirulina Gomasio. First, I made a variation on my Spirulina Salad with Gomasio, a cashew-based homemade dressing and seaweed. The boost of onion powder and hemp seeds – in perfect ratios – really gave the salad a full and deep flavor.

Second, I made kale chips with the Spirulina Gomasio. If you’re not already familiar with the genius, kick-your-chip-habit alternative, kale chips are made by creating a sauce/dressing, massaging it thickly on fresh kale, and then dehydrating it at low temperatures to make it a cruncy, flavorful, healthy snack. The kale chips also turned out absolutely amazing; here is the recipe for those.

Raw Spirulina-Garlic Kale Chips (Serves 1-3, can be easily doubled)


Raw kale

2 TBS Spirulina Gomasio

1/3 cup cashews

1/4 cup Lemon juice

1 Tbs Miso

1 tsp Vitamineral green

1/8 cup water


Vitamix all ingredients except the kale. Coat the kale evenly, using your fingers to get into all the little leaf grooves and so the kale is well-covered in topping. Dehydrate for 4-6 hours. Enjoy.

Making a good spirulina product is tough. Spirulina flavors vary, the spectrum being between gag-worthy and divine, and Frank has sourced an amazing-tasting spirulina and combined it with flavors that really support its splendor. Spirulina Gomasio is hereby deemed junkie-worthy by The Spirulina Junkie! Go and get your jar!

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A Spirulina Recipe for your Dog!

In this video, Rhonda Lee shares the spirulina recipe that her dogs absolutely love and eat every single day. This recipe helped one of her dogs heal from illness!

Caution: This video contains adorable animals with spirulina noses. The writer of this blog nor the creator of this video are responsible for any side effects to the viewer by seeing the explosive combination of cute canines and unbelievably nutritious algae.

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The Spirulina Recipes Ebook is finally here!

Do you want to start incorporating spirulina into your diet but don’t know? Have you tried to combine it with foods or recipes that simply didn’t turn out tasty? You’re not alone. Introducing the first-ever Spirulina Recipes Ebook!

Spirulina has a very distinct flavor that requires specific combining with other flavors.The Spirulina Recipes Ebook will share how you can incorporate spirulina into desserts, chocolate, entrees, soups, salads, smoothies and more, with 30 unique recipes! Top healthy chefs have contributed their tried-and-true, personal favorites for recipes incorporating the incredible superfood spirulina.

Click here to read more and get your copy!

Rainbow Rolls by Penni Shelton

Spirulina Chocolate by Michelle Master

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Recipe: Creamy Spirulina Mini-Pie

Health chef Kristen Taylor of BeeGreenFoods recently published this recipe for a delicious, healthy spirulina pie!  Enjoy!

Serves 3. This yummy pie has a lovely green twist to it!


  • 2 cups raw almonds, finely ground in a food processor
  • 1/3 cup (or less) local raw honey

Grind almonds in food processor with an S-blade then transfer to a mixing bowl. Using a wooden spoon, mix in honey/agave nectar until all almonds are wet. Press a thin layer into 3 mini pie pans or ramekins with slightly damp hands.


Blend all ingredients together in a high speed blender. Pour into pie pans and freeze to set pies. You want this to be in the freezer at least one hour before serving but it’s fine to leave in longer.


Going crust-less makes a nice healthy pudding. Freeze on sticks for pudding pops!

For more healthy recipes from Kristen, please visit her site by clicking here.

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A Village Farm in Africa Grows Spirulina

Spirulina is being talked about as an answer to world hunger as one of the most sustainable food sources in existence.  Check out this video of a small village growing spirulina successfully for their village’s nourishment!

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Recipes: Spirulina Treats (for kids too!) & Sprout Salad

Happy Friday, lovely ones!

Today I have two new spirulina recipe videos for you.  The first is a Spirulina Sprout Salad made by my friend Frank Giglio.  Here it is!

Secondly, a ‘Spirulina Treats’ video on the NaturalNews site.  This recipe is one kids may love!

Click here to view

Spirulina love,


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“Deep Blue Sea” Spirulina Smoothie & Spirulina Zucchini “Pasta”!

"Deep Blue Sea Smoothie" courtesy of

Greetings, Spirulina Enthusiasts!

A few weeks ago, I sent my friend Gena of the popular blog Choosing Raw, a bottle of Spirulina Powder.  Gena just posted a wonderful blog on spirulina, including a delicious smoothie recipe she calls “Deep Blue Sea Smoothie”.  Click here to view her recipe!

Yesterday, I had some amazing zucchini “pasta” with spirulina sauce from the Tree of Life Cafe in Arizona.  They made this delicious dish so I don’t have the recipe, but thought I’d share the picture for inspiration!

Zucchini Pasta with Spirulina Sauce

Spirulina Kisses,


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The Spirulina Salad

A sprout-based Spirulina Salad

The Spirulina Salad is the recipe by which more people enter their love affair with spirulina than any other recipe.  The video is coming soon, but for now, here’s the written version:

The Spirulina Salad ingredients:


  • 1 big bowl of your favorite greens and/or sprouts – my favorites are all the lettuces, kale, spinach, alfalfa and clover sprouts, and sunflower sprouts.  You can also use chard, bok choy, arugula, collards, cabbage and any other kinds of sprouts or green leafy vegetables.
  • Your high-quality oil of choice – you can use olive, sesame, hemp, pumpkin, or any other plant-source, cold-pressed, organic oil.
  • High-quality salt – I recommend himalayan salt or very high quality sea salt
  • SPIRULINA – I recommend the powder for the kind of consistency you’re looking for, but you can try the crunchies instead or in addition!


A note about the spirulina salad – it is very open to adaptation.  For this reason, I don’t have exact measurements in these directions – feel free to try my proportions, but PLEASE play around with your own!  Some people like their salads more “goopy”, some like them light, some like them salty, some don’t like much salt.  And of course, some like to start with a little spirulina, and junkies like me choose to pour it on thick.

  1. First, you want to oil up your salad.  The consistency people seem to like best is to have enough oil that your whole salad has a nice coating – not dripping and goopy, but not so little that you’ll barely taste the oil.
  2. Start with a small amount of oil, perhaps 1/2 – 1 TBS, depending on how much leafy greens and sprouts you have.  Mix the oil around with the greens and inspect if you need more.  Add another TBS and see how that mixes around.  It’s important to thoroughly toss your oil and salad first.
  3. Add your salt.  This is an optional step, as some people don’t like salt, but I find that a little bit really pulls the salad together to give that almost ‘cheezy’ taste.  Keep in mind that spirulina has a slightly salty taste on it’s own.  Toss your salad again, now with the salt added.
  4. Time to add your SPIRULINA!  Ok, here’s where it really is up to you.  I recommend starting with a small amount, such as 1 teaspoon.  Put it on your salad, and again- toss until the spirulina is consistent throughout.
  5. Eat with incredible enthusiasm and obscene messiness.  Taste, relish, and savor!  And the most important part – don’t wipe off the lovely spirulina lips that will be created.  The salad will taste better that way😉
  6. Play around with proportions of all the above ingredients to find what YOUR best spirulina salad looks like!

The recipe you just read is what I call “The Spirulina Salad”.  It’s how I eat my own spirulina most of the time.  However, there are many other delicious things you can do with your salad, and other ingredients you can add, such as:

  • Avocado
  • Cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, zucchini, any other relatively neutral tasting vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds (my favorites on spirulina salad are pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (in addition to oil, and some people use it instead of oil)
  • Saukraut and kim chi
  • Seaweed, such as nori, dulse, kelp, wakame, hikiji, etc.

Other tips:

  • Try wrapping your spirulina salad in either a raw nori sheet (the seaweed classically used to make sushi), or a big collard leaf for a Spirulina Salad Wrap!

Mmmm delicious!


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Courtney Pool talks about the Spirulina Salad

I talk about my favorite way to eat spirulina, the Spirulina Salad, in this interview with the wonderful Tim van Orden of Running Raw.

My last name doesn’t have an ‘e’ but that’s ok, we still love Tim😉

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Welcome to the Spirulina Junkie blog!

Greetings, health enthusiasts and those with an affinity for odd kinds of lip decor!  This posts kicks off the Spirulina Junkie blog, which will bring to you recipes and information on the incredible superfood, spirulina!  There may be some laughs and green kisses here and there, too!

Spirulina kisses,


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