A Spirulina Recipe for your Dog!

In this video, Rhonda Lee shares the spirulina recipe that her dogs absolutely love and eat every single day. This recipe helped one of her dogs heal from illness!

Caution: This video contains adorable animals with spirulina noses. The writer of this blog nor the creator of this video are responsible for any side effects to the viewer by seeing the explosive combination of cute canines and unbelievably nutritious algae.

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One Response to A Spirulina Recipe for your Dog!

  1. I so enjoyed this video and it was interesting to note how this woman’s dog’s health improved after taking spirulina. Wish I knew about this when my dog was so ill many years ago. However I dod know how much better I feel and the energy I have ever since I started taking Spirulina. Anyway I am so glad to keep on hearing about how spirulina benefits you and your animals:)

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